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Nauvoo Walking Tour

The Way We Were Walking Tour • Nauvoo's Mulholland Street
ca. 1850-1950

The Way We Were Walking Tour of Mulholland Street is a self-guided tour describing the history of Nauvoo's business district between the 1850s and the 1960s. The tour was developed by local residents, Karen Ihrig-Gilbert and Gene Shurts and is currently maintained by the Nauvoo Historical Society. The tour won the Illinois Governor's Home Town Award in 2011 and has been a delight to many of our community's visitors. All of the informational sheets can be previewed or downloaded from this website. Upon visiting Nauvoo, you will find printed copies for our visitors.

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History Comes Alive

Take a step back to when a blacksmith was a vital part of the American frontier. Enjoy a hands-on demonstration of what it took to keep progress moving at the Webb Blacksmith Shop. Also get a free gift just for stopping - a hand forged iron ring hammered from a horseshoe nail.

Nauvoo has many brick homes. Stop at the Brickyard and learn what goes into making a Nauvoo brick. You can even take a brick home with you.

At the Family Living Center you can help make a rope, knit a rug, card wool, make a candle, learn how to make a barrel and smell the delicious odor of baking bread. Click here for further information.

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