Helpful information for your upcoming trip

We know that planning a trip can be stressful. That's why we have so many resources to help make your visit to Nauvoo a relaxing and memorable adventure. From the weather to accommodations from restaurants to activities, we have all the information you will need for your trip right here on Still have questions? Check out our contact page to learn more.

What's the weather like in Nauvoo?

Nauvoo has four seasons which can make deciding what to wear and bring tricky. Plan for the seasons with our tips below.

Spring - Wet, but warmer. The highs start moving into the 50's and 60's and the lows hover around freezing. There is a mix of snow moving over to rain depending on the day. Plan for lots of layers.

Summer - Hot and humid! The humidity in Nauvoo is something else! The average temps are in the mid 80's and lows in the 60's. However the humidity can be around 100%. Make sure you are prepared for the heat and watch for heat advisories.

Fall - Warm and Cool. Fall days are beautiful days! The temperatures can fluctuate a lot. Highs will be in the 80's and lows in the 40's. Sometimes even in the same day! Plan for a lot of layers.

Winter - Cold and snowy. Temperatures will fluctuate but the averages are lows around 19 degrees F and highs around 35 degrees F. Dress warm! Plan for winter weather delays and cancellations.

Where to Stay?

Nauvoo has a wide variety of options for your stay. There are a few hotel options that work well for large groups and people traveling alone who are looking for a hotel option. For those looking for a more intimate experience, there are several bed and breakfast options as well with wonderful accommodations and food. For those with families or planning a longer stay, Nauvoo has a wide variety of homes that can be rented. Many of the homestays can accommodate large families and have full kitchens that make your stay in Nauvoo more comfortable. Some of these even have a temple view and a few are pioneer homes. Looking for a camping experience? Nauvoo has several camping options to consider as well. From tent camping to RV and camper spots, Nauvoo has a variety of locations.

What to eat?

Nauvoo has several restaurants in town. For larger groups, please plan ahead if you plan on eating at our restaurants to make sure that they can accommodate your group. Our restaurants are small, locally owned businesses and love to have your support!
Planning on staying at a homestay and making your meals? That is a great option for families! Nauvoo does not have a grocery store. Dollar General has some grocery options and Casey's Gas Station has some limited items as well. However, if you are planning a grocery store trip, be aware you will be traveling to Carthage, Keokuk, Fort Madison or Burlington. If you travel through these towns on your way to Nauvoo you can stop on your way so you won't have to make the extra trip.
Catering is also an option for bigger groups and events. Several of the local restaurants cater or make box lunches that can be ordered in advance.

What to do?

Nauvoo has a variety of events that go on all year long. There is something to do every month in Nauvoo. From pageant in July, Grape Festival Labor Day weekend, Scarecrow Stroll and Pumpkin Walk in October, Untold Stories in February, there really is something for everyone every single month. Check out our Facebook page and the events page for up to date information about all the events going on.
There are so many historical locations to visit that you will need several days if you plan to go to all of them. Check our tours page to see all the different tours available. Plus, you don't want to miss our downtown shopping area with a variety of stores for everyone.

What about the bugs?

The thing most people from out of town comment on are the bugs. Nauvoo has a wide variety of bugs that can be surprising if you haven't run across them before. Most unusual is the mayfly. Mayflies are short lived, but very messy bugs that only live a day, but will be seen in town for a few days. They are everywhere when they show up, but are short lived and completely harmless. Mosquitoes are prevalent in the summer, and after dark bug spray is recommended. There are also biting gnats during the day that are repelled by vanilla or gnat sprays but don't respond to bug sprays. And then there are chiggers that live in the grass that will make you itch. Use a blanket when planning a picnic and avoid sitting on the grass for long periods.
Our favorite bugs though are lightening bugs or fireflies. Watching them light up on a summer evening is pure magic.