Experience the rich history and culture of Nauvoo. From the original settling of the Nauvoo area by Native Americans until now, Nauvoo has been home to a variety of arts and cultures. Experience the art, the history and the culture in Nauvoo through tours of our historic musuems, interactive exhibits, and the many arts that make up Nauvoo.


Nauvoo has a wide variety of art for you to explore

Exploring the arts in Nauvoo is a magical journey enriched by the town's commitment to creativity. Nauvoo's vibrant art scene intertwines seamlessly with its historical backdrop, providing a unique and immersive exploration that captivates both the imagination and the senses. Works of local artists are showcased in galleries where paintings, sculptures, and crafts celebrate the town's rich history and natural beauty. Artist experiences from glass blowing to fiber arts are also available. The Fairy Door Trails beckon with whimsical charm, leading visitors on a delightful scavenger hunt through the historic streets.



Explore Beautiful Nauvoo's unique historical heirlooms

Nestled along the banks of the Mississippi River, Nauvoo beckons history enthusiasts to explore its rich tapestry of unique historical heirlooms. This quaint town, once a thriving 19th-century settlement, showcases a remarkable collection of artifacts and treasures that whisper tales of its past. Visitors can wander through carefully preserved sites, such as the Nauvoo Historic District, marvel at the architectural marvels that stand as living testimonies to the city's fascinating history, and explore museums that display the rich history of Nauvoo. There are a variety of museums to engage, delight, and discover!

History & Museums


Explore Beautiful Nauvoo with a variety of tours

Embark on a captivating journey through the historic charm of Nauvoo with an array of immersive tours that showcase the beauty and significance of this enchanting destination. Whether you are drawn to the rich history of the city or captivated by its architectural treasures, Nauvoo offers a diverse range of guided tours to suit every interest. Delve into the past with Nauvoo's self-guided Walking Tour to unveil the city's unique history. Discover the heart and soul of Nauvoo through guided experiences throughout the historic sites that leave a lasting impression and create memories to be cherished.