Camping and RV in Nauvoo, IL


THE NAUVOO EXPERIENCE: Whether you only come to Nauvoo once, or you are a repeat visitor, why not get the most out of the experience by staying right in the history? EXPERIENCE MORE: Late night walks, sunsets, early morning events. When you're staying in Nauvoo there's more time to relax and experience more of beautiful Nauvoo. LET NAUVOO BE YOUR GATEWAY: Use Nauvoo as your home away from home and plan fun excursions to Carthage, Springfield, Quincy, Hannibal, and beyond! COMPARABLE RATES: Nauvoo offers room rates that are competitive with our surrounding communities, when considering additional time and travel expenditures.

Camp Nauvoo

Phone: 217-453-9930
Website: Camp Nauvoo

1095 S Warsaw St
Nauvoo, IL 62354

Camp Nauvoo is located in the Southwest corner of Nauvoo, on 30 acres of land, some with river views. The facility is ideal for church youth gatherings, family reunions, weddings, RVs, retreats, tent camping and more!

Nauvoo State Park

Phone: 217-453-2512
Website: Nauvoo State Park

980 S Bluff St
Nauvoo, IL 62354

The Nauvoo State Park is located in the Southwest corner of Nauvoo, directly across from the Historical District. The Nauvoo State Park offers many amenities as listed out below.


A house built by Mormons in the 1840s, remodeled by Icarians, and later owned by the Rheinberger family serves as the Nauvoo State Park Museum. The restored home features a wine cellar and a press room, and is the only Nauvoo wine cellar open to the public. This also is the location of Nauvoo's first vineyard, which has been producing grapes since the mid-1800s. The museum itself exhibits artifacts from all periods of Nauvoo's history, from Native American occupation to the introduction of Nauvoo Blue Cheese in the 1930s. The museum is staffed by the Nauvoo Historical Society and is open 1-5 P.M. from May 1 through October 15.

Fishing and Boating

Lake Horton, a 13-acre manmade fishing lake, is stocked for anglers wanting to catch largemouth bass, channel catfish and bluegill. Although there are no boat docks or boat rentals, a primitive boat launch is available. Only electric trolling motors are allowed.


Nauvoo State Park offers 150 camping spaces, equally divided between Class A and Class B areas. A youth group area is centrally located in the park. Don't forget to ask for permission--all campers must obtain a permit for overnight camping from the park office, and groups of 25 or more must get advance permission before entering the park. Make your reservation at online!


At 1.5 miles, the park's main trail, Locust Lane, shows off some of the park's best features. As the trail winds around the lake and through timbered areas, hikers can see and hear a variety of birds .Visitors also will enjoy the 3/8-mile accessible loop trail from the campground. A short trail connects the main picnic and playground area to the dam, and a short, one-way trail lead's hikers to Gilligan's Island on Lake Horton.

Picnic and Playground Areas

If picnicking is in your plans while visiting Nauvoo State Park, you're in luck. The park features two picnic and playground areas totaling 20 acres. In addition to playground equipment for kids, you'll find tables, stoves and two shelter houses, one equipped with modern toilet facilities. A ball diamond and two parking lots round out the list of amenities.

Grape Bowl, Sod Stage and South Areas

The Nauvoo Grape Festival, held annually over Labor Day weekend in the Grape Bowl and Sod Stage area directly west of Lake Horton, coincides with the ripening of the grapes. The festival includes an hour-long program depicting Nauvoo's history. A pageant, which for more than 50 years has paid tribute to two Nauvoo industries, observes an old French rite called "The Wedding of the Wine and Cheese." The festival's carnivals, entertainment tents, arts and crafts exhibits, flea markets, buckskinners and car shows are held at the South Area, just south of the ball diamond.

Winter Sports

Sledding is permitted on the slopes adjacent to the dam of Lake Horton. Cross-country skiing is allowed along the trails when snow cover is adequate. Note that the modern restrooms are closed during winter months, as is the museum.