Nauvoo Kirche

Owners: Phil and Heidi Harrop
Address: 190 N Page, Nauvoo, IL
Phone: 319-382-6068
Website: Nauvoo Kirche

This old German Presbyterian church (kirche) with beautiful stained-glass windows has space for your next gathering!

Cambre House & Farm

Phone: (309) 221-9803
Website: Cambre House and Farm
Address: 1 Cambre Lane Niota, IL 62358

Built in 1867 by Icarian and French immigrant Adolphe Cambre, a six room salt box home on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi river available for events.

Camp Nauvoo

Phone: 217-453-9930
Website: Camp Nauvoo

1095 S Warsaw St
Nauvoo, IL 62354

Camp Nauvoo is located in the Southwest corner of Nauvoo, on 30 acres of land, some with river views. The facility is ideal for church youth gatherings, family reunions, weddings, RVs, retreats, tent camping and more!