Group Tour information

Nauvoo is made for groups! Find the information for your group below


Nauvoo's narrow streets were not designed for buses and large recreational vehicles. During summer months, having many large vehicles on the road can present a challenge for local traffic. For this reason, Nauvoo classifies RVs of 30 feet or longer as buses and requires that they use the same designated routes and parking areas as tour buses. Please pay careful attention to these essential rules. When you contract with a bus company for travel here or drive your own large RV, instruct all drivers to always follow bus routes and park only in designated bus parking areas. Buses must obtain a sticker from the city that verifies they have read the rules governing bus and RV behavior. Please remind drivers that GPS units might direct them to use roads that are not fit for bus traffic. This can lead to damage for both roads and vehicles.

Download a map of the approved routes for Bus & RVs


Please park cars in designated parking areas only. Following local ordinances will prevent being ticketed. Buses may not park on the street but should park west of the Visitors' Center or in the lot near Kimball and Main streets.


Please recognize that Nauvoo is a small town of about 1,000 residents. Each summer, tens of thousands of visitors come to see Nauvoo Historic Sites, and this can be overwhelming for locals. You can help all visitors and residents have a better experience by respecting local property and following some simple rules of courtesy:

  • Pay attention to your group noise, especially after curfew (10:00 pm weekdays; 11:00 pm weekends).
  • Remain on sidewalks when walking in town and stay off of private residential property.
  • Do not obstruct traffic or walk in the street. Mulholland Street is a highway with semi truck traffic. Be aware and watch for vehicles when crossing the highway.
  • Take time to visit local businesses; however, be considerate of small spaces when traveling as a group.
  • Always provide youth with appropriate adult supervision. 
  • Clean up after yourselves if you have outdoor activities, and do not litter at any time.
  • Obey posted signs and Nauvoo City traffic ordinances.