Enjoy nature with these local Nauvoo Businesses

Outdoor Activities

Cruz Nauvoo

Address: 1695 Mulholland St
Website: cruznauvoo.com
Bike Rentals: Call (217) 219-3024 to reserve a bike
1 Hour - $9, 3 Hours - $25, Daily - $35
Cart Rental: Call 417-664-5231 to reserve cart
Bike Groups of 4 or more have discounted rates for 3+ hours. Multiple day rentals available.

Consider Cruz Nauvoo to make your Nauvoo trip even to explore Nauvoo in a unique way!

Nauvoo Adventure Rentals

Address: 1840 Mulholland St. Nauvoo, IL 62354
Phone: 309-863-5063
Email: admin@nauvooadventure.com

Rent a high quality golf cart today for personal, special events, commercial or industrial uses. We offer daily, weekend, and weekly, golf cart rentals. We offer gas golf carts for rent. 4-passenger, 6-passenger. We have some of the best golf cart rental rates on the market and set the precedent for rentals. Check out our golf cart rental prices on our Club Cars