Residents can reach out to our City Departments with questions and concerns

In the hustle and bustle of city life, there's a team of behind-the-scenes heroes working to keep things running smoothly. The City Clerk & Collector is like the guardian of the city's paperwork, making sure all the official records are in order and collecting the funds that keep the gears turning. Then you've got the City Treasurer, the financial whiz who manages the city's piggy bank, making sure budgets make sense and funds are wisely invested. The Police Department is the city's guardian angels, keeping streets safe and responding to all sorts of situations. And let's not forget Public Works - the unsung heroes fixing potholes, maintaining parks, and making sure the city looks good and functions well. It's like a well-coordinated dance where each role plays a crucial part in the city's everyday rhythm.

City Clerk & Collector

Carol Lea McGhghy

The City Clerk is responsible for maintaining the official records for the city.
The City Clerk attends all council meetings and records the proceedings.
The City Clerk is an elected position. The City Collector conducts the daily
duties including accounts payable, utility billing and payroll as well as the
utilization of all city ordinances, council developed policies and direction
from the mayor. The City Collector is an appointed position.

Phone: (217) 453-2587
Address: Nauvoo Community Center
1445 Mulholland Street, Nauvoo, IL 62354


Ana LeVesque

The City Treasurer prepares timely and accurate financial information for analysis and decision making. City Treasurer services include monthly and annual accounting, payroll, and analysis work; preparation of monthly and annual financial statements.

Phone: (217) 453-2587
Address: Nauvoo Community Center
1445 Mulholland Street, Nauvoo, IL 62354


Police Chief Ryan Dykstra

The Nauvoo Police Department is dedicated to the protection and security of all citizens and, in partnership with the community, to providing quality public safety services while affording dignity and respect to every individual.

Phone: (217) 453-2587
Address: 60 Bluff St, Nauvoo, IL 62354
For Emergency Purposes: (217) - 453 - 2221


Public Works Superintendent Barry Cuthbert

Phone: (217) 453-2587
Address: 60 N. Bluff St. Nauvoo, IL 62354

Pure drinking water, environmentally-safe sewers, well paved streets, and engineering of the City's infrastructure are included in the responsibilities of the Public Works department. As the provider of many of the basic services that affect the daily lives of everyone who lives and works in Nauvoo, our goal is to provide the most efficient and cost-effective services possible to meet the needs of our growing community, today and into the future.

The municipal water supply in Nauvoo uses the Mississippi River as its source. The system has a treatment capacity of 400,000 gallons per day, with an average daily demand of 165,000 gallons per day. Peak demand rises to 320,000 gallons per day. The system's storage capacity is 200,000 gallons of water per day. Nauvoo's municipal water system has an excess capacity of 110,000 gallons per day. Recently improvements were completed to the water treatment plant located at 90 Young Street next to the Mississippi River.


Nauvoo's sewage treatment plant can manage 840,000 gallons per day. It currently treats 190,000 gallons per day, for an excess capacity of 640,000 gallons per day. There is ample room for expansion, whether due to tourist activities, more businesses or new housing. The majority of the city's residents are connected to the city sewer systems. The residents in the Bluff Woods neighborhood use septic tanks. The sewer plant is located at 345 Water Street.

Streets, water lines, sewer lines, and storm drains in residential areas are usually built by developers; however, it's the Public Works Department that ensures the quality of these improvements and maintains them.

We are proud to be serving the Nauvoo community.